National Disability Insurance Scheme - Pre Planning Session

The session was organised by Harman foundation at Sikh temple Glenwood. This information session was designed to help people with disability as well as their families and carers get ready for National Disability Insurance Scheme.

National Disability Insurance Scheme(NDIS) Pre Planning Session on 30th April2017

The session was briefed by Marissa Rafati, Project Officer/Multicultural Support Officer from ECSC and it was very well presented. The Blacktown city Councillor Moninder Singh along with Psychologist and guest attended the event. Almost 35 people attended the event. The session was informative as well as interactive. The audience participated very well in the session and ask many questions to Marissa. Marissa started with the introduction about NDIS, its establishment and goal and about reforms made in NDIS. Marissa explained the audience about transition from old system to new system and explained that new system is ‘Client Centred’. Marissa explained in detail new disability support system and its working. She explained in detail who is eligible for NDIS and how to access the system to be part of it.

The session was very helpful for the people who attended it and they will get to know the system of Operation of NDIS very well. The session had the interpreter as well who helped the people to understand the detailed services of NDIS. Refreshments were also served at Session. Plenty of food was offered and guests enjoyed Beautiful and cheerful Amrit’s cupcakes. The Event delivered on NDIS was indeed a successful one organised by Harman Foundation with the help and support of beloved volunteer members. Thanks to everyone for their contribution to make the event come true.