Family support services

Parents exemplifying family harmony teach the child that the parents are united together with one message. While parenting methods differ from time to time, still the parents live in harmony. The child learns the message that his parents have one voice, even when their opinions differ. The child then  translates this message subconsciously to his relationship with God. The child learns that while we perceive many different character traits of God, there is only One Divine Will, one standard of behaviour. In contrast, when parents disagree, the child observes two conflicting wills and may not internalise  God’s Supreme Oneness.

We value and promote the importance of family cohesiveness by running regular seminars on Family Harmony and Parenting. We invite speakers who are professionals to talk on parenting techniques and how and why not to violate the sanctity of a happy marriage.

However, in the course of our work we come across people who face disharmony in their families. We offer counselling and other help to resolve conflicts amicably.

However, at times, we receive request help from victims of domestic violence. Such requests are mainly from women while there are a few cases of men and the elderly who face such situations.

We DO NOT condone domestic violence in any form. We have volunteers who are trained in helping you if you are facing such violence.

If you face any sort of domestic violence, immediately call us for help on 1800 11 66 75

We will support and advise you on what you can do and also refer you to expert services.

Rest assured

Our services are Free, Confidential and Non-Judgemental.

Here are some support services which may also help you:

For women: DV Line 1800 65 64 63

For men: Mensline 1300 78 99 78

For elders: Eldersline 1800 628 221