Support group meetings

Need to share your story, listen to what others say including from healthcare professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, health workers, etc.)

Join our Regular Support Group Meetings

We meet on the LAST Sunday of every month at Baba Budda Ji Seniors Hall

At Glenwood Gurdwara (old Gurdwara building)
8 Meurants Lane, Glenwood (near Blacktown) NSW 2768
(Buses run from Blacktown Station)

Meetings are usually chaired by a healthcare professional, Social or health worker.

Harman Foundation Peer Support volunteers will be present to help you

If you need referrals or further support.

Attendees MUST not share others’ stories outside the session. There is an absolute need for confidentiality of the issues discussed.

If someone chooses to discuss their issue in private then one of the trained Peer Support volunteers can be approached to attend to him/ her in a separate room for a brief session. It will be then followed up by regular, private Peer Support sessions till a successful outcome is achieved. Referrals  to healthcare professionals are available to follow up with necessary medical/ mental health support.